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Should I use a Telephone Answering Service or employ a receptionist?

Well - it’s a big question! And an important decision, for any business. We won’t beat around the bush. Here at AMP, we’re an (award-winning!) telephone answering service. We think it’s better for many companies, in many ways. So yes, this article will be from our point of view. One of our core values at AMP is honesty & openness. We’re not pretending to be unbiased. But if you read on, then we hope you’ll see where we’re coming from. Employing your own receptionist might well be right for you. What many people don’t realise though, is that our telephone answering service can give you many of the same benefits – plus more besides – for (literally!) a fraction of the cost. So! Here goes...
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Is Telephone Answering just for small businesses?

This month marks the 10th anniversary of Distinct IT being a client of ours, here at AMP. And it’s something we’re very proud of. 10 years is a LONG time, for any relationship! Their business has changed a lot over a decade. So I thought I’d share it with you in this week’s blog – because it goes to show that telephone answering can be a brilliant long-term solution for you, as your business grows. So…
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Will Telephone Answering Services tie me into a lengthy contract?

In a word – no! Or at least, here at Answer My Phone, we NEVER tie you into a long contract. Because we just don’t see the point. We’ve all been there – bought something for our business, because we need it NOW. Like a franking machine. Or a new piece of accounting software. And then things change...
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Will people know they are calling a Telephone Answering Service?

It’s a question we get asked a LOT – and one of the biggest concerns our customers often have, when they first start working with us at Answer My Phone. Will my callers KNOW they’re calling a telephone answering service? Will they KNOW it’s not my business they’re speaking to? And we get it! You’ve spent a long time building your business, nurturing relationships with your customers. Especially your most important or highest-value clients. Your callers are used to calling and speaking directly to you, or your team. It’s what they expect. And trusting someone else to do this for you is a big leap. The last thing you want is for those callers to not get the service they’re used to. To get incorrect information. Or – worst of all – for your customer experience to suffer. But! There is a way...
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How do Telephone Answering Services Work?

Well – it’s a lot more than just answering your calls! Let’s look at WHAT we actually do here at Answer My Phone, and HOW it all works. If ANY of these situations sounds familiar, then using Telephone Answering Services can 100% help – freeing up your time, and guaranteeing you never miss a valuable call again...
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How much does telephone answering cost?

Well – we’ll get to that in a minute (our prices are below for you!) Because we think the better question is “how much do missed calls cost my business?” The truth is that telephone answering really doesn’t HAVE to cost a lot. But missing calls from potential customers can be stupidly expensive...
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Why business is a marathon…not a sprint!

Last week, our wonderful Office Manager Tanya ran her first ever marathon, in Newport. Tanya from Answer My Phone, running a marathon!26 whole miles. And she smashed her 5-hour target, finishing in just 4 hours 50 minutes. We are so proud of her! Not just for the marathon itself – but because just 2 years ago, Tanya was NOT a runner. At all. Couch to 26 miles in 2 years is impressive, by anyone’s standards. Because you don’t get to 26 miles overnight...
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What to look for when considering a virtual receptionist

Virtual receptionist’s work well for smaller businesses, as it allows business owners to enjoy the benefits of a professional receptionist without having to commit to a full time overhead – phone calls will be answered professionally and promptly, detailed messages will be delivered and both customers and prospects by default will believe that your business is of a bigger size...
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Overflow call cover

If there’s one thing that both small and medium sized businesses have in common, it’s not having enough staff to cover the phones during busy times. In busy times, it’s hard to remain productive whilst also having to answer the phone...
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The art of taking the perfect phone message

There are so many ways to communicate these days and the art of answering the phone and taking a message is being lost. We frequently see stories in the news about how young people are losing the skill of conversing with each other, thanks to their dependence on smartphones...
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