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I wasn’t expecting THAT! 3 easy ways to WOW your customers…

A ‘luxury’ villa.

What does that make you think? Blazing blue sky? Crystal-clear pool? Lazy mornings & long lunches, with nothing more to worry about that which restaurant to try for dinner?

Ade & I have recently returned from our stay in a ‘luxury’ villa in Portugal.

Now – I am not saying this to impress you. Quite the opposite, in fact. As our holidays are not usually spent in luxury villas, this was a real treat.

It was a special holiday for us. I’d been looking forward to it for over a year.

I think the problem came with the ‘luxury’ description (and price tag). Because it DOES set expectations in your mind...

It was late when we got to the villa – nearly midnight & still stupidly hot (a longer drive from the airport than we thought!).

We stumbled through the pitch black, grappled with the keys & finally got inside.

There was no welcome pack.


Luckily, we had a couple of bottles of water in the car, to tide us over until morning when we could venture out for supplies.

But the sense of disappointment wasn’t the best start to our ‘luxury’ holiday.

Was I wrong to have expectations of a welcome pack in a ‘luxury’ villa? I wasn’t expecting a butler to greet us, laden with trays of champagne & nibbles – just some basic supplies to get us through until the first morning.

To find a bottle of wine waiting for us would’ve been REAL luxury.

It wouldn’t have taken much to wildly exceed my expectations & get our stay off to a completely different start.

And since we’ve been back in the business, it’s really got me thinking.

Here at Answer My Phone, we work hard to meet our customer’s expectations. But for all of us business owners, there’s always SO much more we can do to smash those expectations & turn our clients into raving fans…

1. How do you manage YOUR customer’s expectations?

When people call your business – do you always answer? Who do they speak to? Do they always get the service & response they expect?

If they email you or enquire via your website – how fast do you reply?

One thing that come up at a Entrepreneur’s Circle event recently was the ‘Golden Window’ for response times.

It’s not an exact science – but the stats showed that if you reply to incoming enquiries within the 15 minute ‘Golden Window’, they are 95% more likely to convert than replying just 4 hours later.

And most of us think 4 hours is fast!

24 hours later & it drops off a cliff.

It’s no wonder, really. We’re all super busy these days, with the world at our fingertips on our phones. People call you now, because they’re ready to talk & buy NOW. 4 hours later & they’re way down their to-do list – or picking the kids up from school.

Even if we can’t always reply that fast, it seems a smart thing to aim for. And once a client is on board, at least setting their expectations for the reality of our response time seems a sensible conversation to have.

No-one wants to feel frustrated or disappointed because they can’t get what they need from you, when they expect it.

At AMP, we can make sure this happens in YOUR business – that every single one of your callers get the service & speed they expect. Click here to find out how it all works!

2. How do you welcome new clients & customers on board?

So they’ve bought from you & parted with their money.

Now what?

This seems (to me) to be an opportunity too good to miss, to do some serious expectation smashing!

At AMP, we send a little welcome gift to all new clients, thanking them for choosing us. But there’s no doubt we could do more…

What would resonate with YOUR market? Even something simple – like a hand-written card, personalised welcome pack or foodie gift like cookies or cake can make the world of difference.

What could YOU do (that’s manageable in terms of systems & cashflow) that would wow your new clients? Get them talking about you? Remove any trace of buyer’s remorse & get them excited about the future with you?

Building these ‘wow’ moments into your systems & client journey can be SUCH a powerful tool – to create loyal clients that want to stay with you, and customers who want to come back to buy from you again.

And the more unexpected, the better!

3. How can you WOW your long-term clients & customers?

We all like to feel appreciated. It builds relationships; keeps clients with you longer & drives word of mouth referrals.

It’s like when Sky offer those cheap deals for new customers. But you, as a loyal long-term subscriber, feel a bit put out…

At AMP, on their annual anniversary, we send our clients something a little more impressive than their original welcome gift. And for big anniversaries (like 10 years with us), we push the boat right on out!

But again, there’s no doubt we could do more (thinking caps are well & truly on here at the moment!). We definitely need to create more of those ‘wow’ moments in our business.

What could YOU do, to delight & surprise your customers & clients? Or what else could you do, to truly exceed their expectations & position you apart from your competitors?

Anyway – it’s been real food for thought for me. I definitely wasn’t expecting THAT to be big takeaway from our ‘luxury’ break!

And don’t forget – we truly can help to make sure your callers, customers & clients get the service they expect, every single time they contact your business.

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And I’m off now to work on new ways to wow our customers!

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