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3 Ways to Get More Time to Work ‘On’ Your Business (rather than ‘in’ it)…

3 Ways to get More Time

If you’re anything like me, you’re already doing a lot to grow your business – but there’s a million MORE things you’d love to do.

Mine? I’d love to create more content – more videos, articles & resources, so more people can discover how we can help. I want to explore new marketing pillars – like Facebook Lead Ads – to consistently bring new business our way. I want to focus on getting every page of our website converting as well as it possibly can.

But it’s tough. Serving our clients will always come first. I have a team to manage; clients to look after & everything else that comes with running a business (I’m sure you’re the same!)

And even with a great team around you, it’s a constant balancing act. Time to work ON growing our business vs all the demands of working IN them.

It’s something I’ve been working hard on over the last few years, to make 100% sure I get dedicated time to focus on our own growth. As Director at Answer My Phone, it’s MY job. No-one else can do it.

So here’s the Top 3 Ways that have helped – in the hope they’ll be useful for you, too!

1. You need dedicated time – with NO interruptions.

You might have heard of the Entrepreneur’s Circle – I’ve been a member for some years now. And their ’90 minutes a day’ mantra is a powerful thing.

The idea is that you block out 90 minutes every day to work ON your business. Your marketing, your vision + strategy – no day-to-day work. Only the stuff that will drive your business forwards.

Now – I have to confess, I don’t manage it every day. But I DO consistently do my 90 minutes 3 or 4 days a week. And in terms of growing our business, they’re probably the most important part of my day.

The key here is not getting disturbed (and we can help make this happen for you).

I log out of my emails; close all browser windows I’m not working on; stick my phone on flight mode & the team know not to interrupt me (unless the building is on fire).

First thing in the morning works best for me. Sometimes at the office, sometimes at home.

I have a plan – like writing a blog post, filming a new video or writing a new email campaign. And I get it done in my 90-minute blocks.

There is NO way this would happen otherwise!

2. You can do anything – but you can’t do everything…

I learnt this the hard way (and am still learning, every day!).

The truth is that you can’t do everything. There’s only 24 hours in a day. It’s just not possible.

It’s a raging cliché – but you can’t manage the football team, coach the football team, play keeper AND score all the goals. Let alone sell the tickets, serve the half-time pies & clean the changing rooms afterwards

I’ve got better at delegating as the business has grown, but it IS a real skill (and I don’t think it comes naturally to lots of us business owners!). There’s always room to delegate more.

We’re very lucky to have a great team, of course, which really helps.

I know I’m preaching to the converted here. But the more you can delegate the low-value tasks – the stuff that has to get done, but doesn’t generate income – the more you can focus on the important high-value tasks, to drive your business forwards.

We can help you here, too.

It’s never easy to let stuff go. But I’ve learned the hard way that delegating IS critical if we want to reach our financial & personal goals (and a never-ending learning curve!)

3. Pro-actively manage your schedule, rather than reacting to whatever comes up…

This has been a BIG one for me (and I’m sure is familiar to most of us!). Every day is still a battle, to keep my focus where it needs to be.

There’s so much stuff in all of our businesses that needs to happen – the admin; answering the phone; booking appointments – but it’s on other people’s terms.

It’s on THEIR schedule. They call when they want to call (not when you want to speak to them!).

You need to get that proposal out. To finish that marketing campaign. To get that job advert sorted.

And it’s SO frustrating when you’re halfway through and the phone goes (again). You get pulled into dealing with that issue, and your focus gets pulled away from the important task you were trying to get done.

The calls are SO important. But it’s the outcome that brings the money in – not your time spent dealing with routine conversations, questions & bookings.

Imagine if you could deal with it all when YOU wanted. If you could plan your day to deal with all your messages & return all your calls between, say, 3-4pm. Your clients would get an even better service, because you’d be 100% ready & focused on helping them, rather than having your attention being dragged from elsewhere.

How much more could you get done, without the interruptions all day long?

One of the things I’m most passionate about here at AMP, is the dramatic impact it has when our clients delegate their call answering to us:


Answer My Phone allow me to carry on with my work, instead of answering the phone every 5 or 10 minutes. They’ve stopped me throwing my phone at the wall a few times!

“It’s a bit of a no-brainer, because it frees up SO much time – the money we pay them is more than outweighed by the extra time I get on site.

“I’d definitely recommend Answer My Phone…if you’re not doing it, you’re missing a trick!

“It’s not just about missed calls but the time you save when you’re not on the phone, trying to find bits of paper & write stuff down. I just get my messages emailed over & respond to them when I have 5 minutes!”

- Nik Bayani, Sonik Electrical


(Click here to watch Nik’s video – and see what our other customers say!).

But really, we CAN help you get more of the important stuff done.

You can get chunks of time to focus on your business – uninterrupted – and more time for high income-generating tasks, when we handle your calls for you.

You can pro-actively manage your day & speak to people when it works for YOU, rather than when it works for them.

Delegating your call answering to us is simple:

• You divert your calls to us (either all of the time, or just when you need it)
• We answer using your chosen greeting, with your business name (it’s seamless - your callers will never know!)
• We serve your callers exactly as you would (your core business information all goes into our centralised system, to it’s at our fingertips for every caller)
• You get your messages immediately by email or text, to deal with in your own time
• And we can even book appointments & manage your diary for you, too.

Click here for more info about exactly how it all works.

We really would love to help.

If you started your 2-Week Free Trial today – how much more would you get done in the next fortnight?

Drop me a line to find out more – or call our Cardiff HQ on 02920 695999.

And that’s my 90 minutes done for today!

Until next time


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