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I braved the high street the other week, attempting to shop for our week in Portugal. 

And honestly? I won’t bother again. 

There was no-one on the shop floor to help. No one serving. The rails were in chaos, so no chance of finding your size without a mammoth hunt. No-one in the changing rooms to help. 

All in all, a miserable experience. 

When will high street retailers wake up to the fact that ALL they offer over the internet is the customer experience? 

Take Debenhams. I liked some sandals. When I finally found someone to ask, they don’t now stock shoes over a size 5. Her unhelpful suggestion was (you guessed it) to visit their website. 

They’re not competing on choice. They’re not competing on convenience. And they’re most definitely NOT competing on service. 

And it’s not just the high street. Ade went to a motorbike showroom the other week. He was ready to buy a new bike – cash in his wallet, ready to spend. 

We’re talking £6k here (so not an inconsiderable amount of money). And yet still, despite numerous staff milling around, not one person approached Ade to offer help. Let alone SELL to him! 

We both walked away, empty handed. 

Every single one of those businesses left cold, hard cash on the table. 

Every single one of them wasted their entire marketing spend, that got us into their business in the first place.

Now – before you think this week’s blog is just a big old rant, about how good old British service has gone down the pan – it isn’t. 

Because there’s a powerful reminder in here for ALL of us running a business (me included!). 

The truth is that no service (or worse, bad service) = no sales.

It sounds stupidly simple. But if it was that simple, WHY are so many businesses getting it so wrong? 

And this is a hard question to ask yourself. But are you SURE your customers are getting the service you want? Every single time? Even when you’re not there? 

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. And I truly believe it’s what sets us apart from other telephone answering companies out there. 

Because we don’t just answer your phones + take messages (although we do that too). We help & serve your callers. We make SURE they get an outstanding experience, every time they contact your business. 

This was bought home to me earlier this week, talking to a client who sells physical products (business to business). 

When his customers call, we help them work out exactly what they need. We see which of his other products we can upsell or cross-sell. If they need it the next day, we make sure his business knows it’s an urgent order. We re-assure his customers & do everything possible to maximise that call.

THEN we send the message over right away. With full details of the conversation & the order the customer has placed, so he can then fulfil it in a stress-free, easy way.

His customers never know we’re an outsourced call management company. They think we’re his customer service team. They leave that contact with his business feeling valued, understood & confident in their buying decision.

(And then we refer other businesses to him too, who we know need his products. But that’s a whole other blog!).

My point here is that it’s SO much more than just telephone answering. It’s about helping YOU to provide outstanding service, make more sales & grow your business.

Are we the cheapest? Nope. But as with anything in life, you get what you pay for (and at £99 p/m for your first 35 calls, we’re hardly the most expensive either).

So if YOU want to make certain that your callers get best customer experience, every time they contact your business – we’re here to help.

With a 2-Week FREE Trial (genuinely no strings, we don’t even take your billing details – all it takes is half an hour to get set up!), you can test us out for yourself.

After 2 weeks, we can keep working together. Or if we’re not right for you, we just say farewell & our door is always open.

To find out more & take the next step, all you need to do is call our team on 02920 695999 or email me personally,

And let us help serve YOUR customers brilliantly too!

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