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The Biggest Headache…Finding Great Staff!

Outsourcing Your Reception Cover!

Like every business, we’ve faced challenges & obstacles in the decade since we started Answer My Phone.

But the one thing that makes the BIGGEST difference – and that’s hardest to do – is to find (and keep) great staff & build a great team.

Our education system here in the UK is excellent. It prepares our children for their lives ahead & the world around them. But what it often doesn’t seem to do is provide young people with many of the skills that we, as business owners, so desperately need.

No-one comes ready made for the role, of course. Even if you hire someone with experience, there’s still the long road to training them within our own company.

It’s tough. And it’s expensive. First finding the one who’s the right ‘fit’ for your team; and then training & nurturing them to deliver the outcomes you need. Ideally consistently – and happily.

You might never have considered outsourcing some key functions in your business. They’re pretty essential, after all. The starting point isn’t usually to look outwards.

But it IS a strong alternative, to hiring staff in-house. If you partner with the right people, outsourcing can save you time, energy, stress and (importantly) a whole lot of money.

And that’s where we come in.

Let me explain…

Never thought of outsourcing your reception cover?

Well – there’s no doubt it’s critical to your business.

How your customers, prospects & suppliers are treated when they call matters tremendously.

Rude? Sullen? Unhelpful? Feel like they can’t wait to get you off the phone? Say they’ll call back, but the message never gets through? You can tell their attention’s elsewhere?

We’ve all been there – and it just doesn’t leave a great impression. In fact, it really puts me off. If I can be bothered to call your business, the least you can do is bother to help me.

And the challenge is that – as business owners – we might not even know this is happening. We do our best to hire right; train our staff; incentivise & motivate them. But we can’t micro manage every single call.

And if that person has a million other tasks to complete, besides serving your callers, who can blame them for being distracted?

The problem is that one call could be your biggest client. Or your biggest potential client. It could the supplier you’ve been trying to land for months. It could be an investor; your bank manager or a potential joint venture opportunity.

First impressions matter. Always.

We can help.

We’re specialists at providing virtual reception cover & call answering, for businesses just like yours. And we love it.

When you choose us, you KNOW that serving your callers is our only priority. Every single one gets our 100% undivided care & attention. And if we can go that extra mile, we always will.

Get a Complete Service that saves you money.

Ok, so we can’t keep you supplied with coffee (if you visit our Cardiff HQ, the flat whites are on us!).

But you DO get a complete reception service, just as if you were hiring in-house:

• Every single one of your phone calls will be answered, using your chosen greeting and business name. Every single time.

• It’s seamless. Your customers, prospects & suppliers will have no idea that they’ve been transferred through to us. They’ll never know it’s NOT your in-house team they’re speaking with.

(In fact, our clients often report they’ve been asked who their new member of staff is!)

• We get to know you. We record all your crucial business information in our central system – so we have everything to help your callers at our fingertips. Exactly as your receptionist would.

• Never miss another call or message. Every single one of your messages will be sent immediately to you, by text or email. And we can patch calls directly through to you (if you like).

We become part of your team, without the hassle of hiring.

And with the average UK receptionist now costing £16,148 (according to – without NIC / Pension / payroll costs etc - it’s a heck of a lot cheaper.

Our prices start from £79 per month (+VAT). Our average client spends £121 per month (+VAT) with us. Click here to see our full pricing info.

Sceptical we can really do this for you?

I don’t blame you! But the truth is that we can. Like we do for Miall’s business:


“We’ve grown considerably over the last 6 years – and taking Answer My Phone’s
Free Trial was the best thing we ever did!

“Now, if people want to get hold of us, we never miss a call or lead. They have
access to our diary & book all of our appointments. We haven’t looked back.

“We’ve grown from £100k turnover to over £1million. Answer My Phone are an
integral part of our team!”

- Miall Hardwick, Heath Windows & Doors


And yes, this testimonial is 100% real. Click here to watch the video & see what our other customers say.

Think it might work for you?

I’m sure you have questions – so give me a call on 02920 695999 or email me personally at

Your 2-Week Free Trial gives you the chance to try us out. It’s properly free – no limits & no strings (we don’t even take your billing details). And if we’re not right for you at the end of two weeks, we just say farewell!

But this could be the solution you’ve been looking for?

Give me a call now on 02920 695999 – and let’s talk about we could help crack your staffing headaches!

Until next time


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