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Brexit. Who cares? Why it REALLY doesn’t matter…

Why Brexit REALLY doesn't matter!

I am SO fed up with all the media nonsense – the Brexit doom-mongering and climate of fear they seem so intent on broadcasting.

It feels like Y2K and the millennium bug all over again (and what a catastrophic waste of worry that turned out to be).

I’ve stopped watching, stopped listening and stopped reading. It’s just noise.

And I don’t know about you, but I truly do not need that noise clouding my thinking or dulling my ability to make stuff happen in my business.

Because the truth is that come what may, we cannot change it. We cannot affect the outcome in any way. But we CAN control what happens in our businesses, right now.

Getting what we want from our lives is down to us. As business owners, we are solely responsible for our own futures. There’s no boss creating our opportunities for us.

Your business was nothing before you had an idea, acted on it and created something from nothing.

And whatever the bureaucrats in Brussels and Westminster decide, this will never change.

It’s down to us.

Please don’t think I’m being flippant here – I do know that for some of us, the implications of Brexit will be far-reaching for the way we do business. It’s like every other political, social and regulatory change since time began. To survive, we’ll need to evolve and adapt to the new world order. Find new ways to make it work. It might be a long hard road - but as business owners, no-one else can walk it for us.

But does Brexit affect our ability to get more customers – today? To drive sales – today? To serve our clients, add more value for more people, develop new products and create new jobs – today? Tomorrow? Next week, and the week after, and the week after that?

Nope. Only if we let the Brexit fear stop us.

I DO know that it’s tough out there. We’re feeling it too. We’ve lost a couple of clients in the last few weeks, because they’ve lost clients themselves. And we certainly have to fight harder, in these uncertain times. The fear seems to be paralysing for some people.

Is Brexit to blame? Really?

Nope. It’s down to us. Something needs to change – in the way we do things, our marketing and the messages we’re putting out there. If new sales have slowed or aren’t coming in, it’s always something we’re doing (or not doing). We can’t look outwards and blame the world around us. It’s down to us to find a way. Our responsibility. It’s do or die trying.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that we always have a choice, in this moment. We can choose to batten down the hatches, sit tight and hope the storm doesn’t hit us too hard. Or we can choose to make decisions, take action, push on and make sure we come out the other side, stronger than ever.

If that sounds like you, then we can help (the second choice, not the first – if you plan to sit tight and hope for the best, you can click away now. Not much point in reading on!).

But if you intend to:

• Up your customer service game – fight harder to get and keep your customers, by delivering an outstanding experience every time they contact your business;

• Spend more time on the highest-value, income-generating tasks to push your business forwards (outsourcing the lowest-value stuff, to free that time);

• Streamline your systems & make your processes work better;

• Never let a single sale, lead or prospect slip through your fingers;

• Get more referrals and maximise every opportunity to upsell and cross-sell;

• Make your team more productive by removing time-draining distractions;

• Get the most out of your day, getting rid of the pointless interruptions that distract
your focus…

…then give me a shout. Because starting right now, we can help you achieve all of these things. And much more besides (as our clients will tell you).

So there it is. I’ve broken my own golden rule, never to talk about politics or religion on our blog or social media.

And if you completely disagree with every word I’ve said – and think Brexit is a damn good reason to stop taking action in your business - do let me know. I’d love to try and understand your thinking (for our own marketing purposes, if nothing else!).

But if you ARE ready to take action now and drive your business forwards, take a look at our 2-Week Free Trial. It’s pretty low-risk, as action taking goes! But can make a world of difference in your business, in ways you’ve probably not thought about before.

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To your continued success – Brexit be damned!


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