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Christmas Call Answering...just £50!

Christmas Telephone Answering Cover


Why not take a PROPER break this Christmas? (I’m sure you’ve worked hard this year, you know you deserve it!).

Here at Answer My Phone, we’re ONLY closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year’s Day.

Otherwise, we’ll be here over the whole festive season, answering everyone else’s calls!

So we were thinking…why don’t we do the same for you?

And we’ve created this very special Christmas offer for you!

For just £50, we’ll handle all your calls from 15th December 2018 to 8th January 2019 (or whichever dates during that time work for you!).

• To get started, just divert your calls to us over Christmas (super easy to turn on & off – we’ll walk you through it!).

• We’ll answer your calls EXACTLY as you do, sounding just like you. Your callers will never know it’s not your business they’re talking to…

• Together, we’ll record everything we need to know about your business in our centralised system, to serve your callers. It means it’s always at our fingertips!

• And then we’ll send your messages over immediately by text or email (for any VIP callers, just let us know & we’ll patch them through).

And that’s it! Simple.

But it means you don’t miss anything crucial when you don’t want to be working.

No disgruntled customers that can’t reach you.

No new business slipping through your fingers.

No diving for your phone, to discover it’s a crappy spam call disturbing your family time.

You don’t have to worry about leaving the office empty for your Christmas party; when people are off; if you want to finish early, come in late (or slip off for some last-minute shopping!).

You don't have to worry about staffing (or if people call in sick between Christmas & New Year).

And most of all, you can PROPERLY switch off from your business. No checking your phone every 5 minutes, in case you’ve missed anything urgent!

We’ll deal with it all for you, for just £50.

(That’s £50 for the whole period, by the way – 15th Dec to 8th Jan, or whenever you want during that time. Nothing hidden & nothing extra!).

We’ll be here manning the phones anyway, for our hundreds of other happy customers.

And we really WOULD love to help.

To find out more or to get the ball rolling, just call 02920 695999 NOW or email me personally,

Wishing you the most happy & stress-free Christmas yet!

Del & your AMP Team

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