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Take a Free Trial of our Call Answering Service…here’s how it works!

Take a 2 Week FREE Trial of our call answering service!

Sceptical about a Free Trial?

I don’t blame you. Things are rarely free in this world, after all!

The truth is that 98% of companies who take our Free Trial go on to become long-term, loyal & happy customers.

And that’s what we want. We WANT to grow our business. We want to serve more people & make a bigger difference. We want to expand our team, create more jobs & new opportunities.

I’m guessing you want the same for your business?

Well - we can help. To drive sales, reduce your overheads & free up your time.

Here’s everything you need to know, about taking your 2-Week Free Trial of our award-winning UK Telephone Answering Service!

1. Your Free Trial is just that. Free.

There’s no limits. No contract. We don’t take your billing details. After 2 weeks, you can just take us or leave us.

I know everyone says there’s “no strings” but there genuinely aren’t. Of course, once your Free Trial is over, we’d love you to come on board as a client. But that’s it. No hidden catch lurking anywhere.

2. Discover EXACTLY what missed calls are costing your business.

Missing calls IS costing you money (after a decade in the business, I can say this with great certainty!).

Just one missed call could be a lost opportunity to land your biggest client.

Very few of us really know HOW many calls we’re actually missing. Or the cost to our business, in lost sales opportunities.

When you take a 2-Week Free Trial, you can find out – with tangible, measurable results.

3. Get more time for income-generating work.

I’ll be honest with you – as a business owner, I’d rather my staff spent all their time on services that our customers are paying for. And I’m sure you’re the same!

Your business doesn’t make money from dealing with routine inbound calls. Our service allows your staff to spend more time on the things that generate revenue.

See the impact during your Free Trial. Less time answering phone calls = more time to get on with work that makes you money.

4. Create better first impressions + build trust.

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

If your caller can’t reach a friendly person over the phone - and instead is greeted with an answer machine - you’ve lost their trust.

85% of all missed calls will NOT call back, meaning they’ll probably take their business elsewhere.

Take your Free Trial to see the difference we can make. We ensure every single one of your calls is answered with your chosen greeting, exactly as you want, to leave the RIGHT first impression every time.

5. Save money (call answering costs less than you might think!)

If cost is worrying you – once your Free Trial is over – it really needn’t.

Our services start from just £79 per month (+VAT). Our average client spends £121 per month (+VAT) with us.

Click here for full details about our pricing.

It’s way, way cheaper than a full-time receptionist’s salary (and far less of your time than managing someone in-house!).

So how exactly does your Free Trial work?

Get in touch to get started. Leave your details here or call 02920 695999.


• It’s quick & easy to divert your calls to us (and super easy to revert back, after 2 weeks).
• We’ll take time to understand all the essential information about your business, to serve your callers – and record everything in our smart system, so it’s always at our fingertips.
• We’ll confirm exactly HOW you’d like us to answer your calls – what you’d like us to say.
• When your calls start coming in, we’ll send your messages over immediately, by email or text.
• VIP callers? We can patch them straight through to you.
• We’ll even filter out those spammy sales calls – at no charge to you.

And that’s it!

For 2 whole weeks, we’ll handle all your calls, completely free. And then you can decide whether to take us or leave us.

You really CAN trust us with your customers & callers…

Honestly. We started AMP over a decade ago. We’re an expert team of highly-trained professionals - based here in Cardiff – with hundreds of happy customers.

We love what we do. And that shines through when we talk to your customers, suppliers & prospects.

Click here to see what our clients think…

“I’ve just completed a FREE 2-week trial with Answer My Phone…the service has been outstanding!

“Set-up was simple and efficient, with them doing all the work. Not only do they answer the telephone in a professional & courteous manner, they also take accurate and detailed messages.

“In addition, they add significant value by canvassing business for you whilst going about their daily routine. This has resulted in 4 referrals today!

I have no hesitation in referring business to Answer My Phone”

- Wayne Evans, Joe Fizz Asset Finance


We’d LOVE for you to try us out.

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