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Answer My Phone £49 Offer!

We'd love to get your 2019 off to a flying start - with a whole month's call answering for just £49.

Here's why...

It’s been well over 10 years since I started Answer My Phone. And I reckon there’s more pressure now on business owners than there’s ever been.

Not just with so much fear in the market - but trying to keep up with so many social media channels. Advertising getting more competitive + expensive. Rising employment costs & finding the right people in the first place. It goes on.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love this time of year! Filling the empty calendar & mapping out the year ahead.

Ade & I have big goals for AMP this year. But there’s no way I can do it alone (by alone, I mean everything that’s my responsibility, to drive our business forwards – we have a pretty amazing team).

There aren’t enough hours in the day. So I know I’ve got to prioritise; delegate; and make sure MY time is focussed only on the important stuff.

I’m guessing it’s the same for you?!

But it’s bloomin’ hard. To not get sucked back into working ‘in’ your business, rather than ‘on’ it. To not beat yourself up when it happens (when you KNOW you’re not doing the important stuff you ‘should’ be doing). To stay motivated when you’re not making the progress you want.

So I did a lot of thinking over Christmas. How can we help more business owners get to where they want to be in 2019? How can we add more value & serve more people?

We KNOW our call answering service makes a massive difference for our clients – because they tell us. We know it takes some of the day-to-day pressure of their shoulders. It’s one less thing for you to deal with - you know every client & lead is being served exactly as you want, without having to do it yourself. You stop getting interrupted all day long, to get the more important work done. All good.

We want to make this difference for more people. So how can we can make it easy for you to try it – and see if works for you?

I’ll be blunt. Because I think there’s a few things that get in the way…

Maybe you don’t like the thought of your client’s not being able to get hold of you immediately. Of course, we can always patch VIP callers through. BUT you cannot be at everyone else’s beck & call 24/7 AND make the progress you need. We’ll email/text your messages immediately – so you can call them back right away, or at a time that actually works for YOU.

Maybe you’re not convinced we can actually answer your phones & sound like you. We can. To the point our client’s callers think we work for them.

Maybe you’re worried we’ll mess up. That we won’t serve your callers properly. That we’ll get stuff wrong. Honestly? We’re professionals. We get to know you; keep all your biz info in our central system; and serve your callers exactly as you would. (Actually, because our team ONLY answer calls without anything else to distract us, we might even do it better).

Maybe you think it’s a pain to set up. It’s not. It’s easy. And you get back that bit of time it takes a million times over, when you’re not stuck on pointless calls.

Maybe you think it costs £££. If you think £79 per month is £££, you’re right. But we think it’s pretty damn good value.

Maybe you think you don’t need it. You don’t get hundreds of calls a day. But time & again, it’s that ONE SINGLE CALL for our clients that turns into a £££ sale, when you never miss a call & handle them properly every time.

Maybe you just like answering your own phone all day. Maybe you just love those “have you had an accident?” calls (which we never charge for, by the way). In which case, we probably can’t help you.

In truth, there’s always a million reasons NOT to do something.

But I think we could really help you. To grow your business; take some of the day-to-day pressure off; and give you more uninterrupted time to get the important work done. All to hit your goals this year.

So! In a blatant attempt to try & convince you to give us a go, you can get a whole month’s call answering for just £49.

Completely unlimited. No strings. No contract. Just £49 for a full month, starting any time before 31st January 2019. And when the month’s up, if we’re not right for each other, we say thank you very much & goodbye.

I’d love to help. I’d love you to see the difference we can make, like our clients tell us we do for them (click to see what they say). I’d love to help you reach your goals in 2019.

To find out exactly how it works or get started with your £49 offer BEFORE 31st Jan, call me now on 02920 695999 or email me personally –

The ball is in your court!


p.s This offer finishes at 5pm on 31st Jan 2019. There's genuinely limited capacity (we're not a call centre, after all!). And your full month for £49 will run from the date we get started. So don't miss out - give us a call now on 02920 695999!

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