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How to choose a Telephone Answering Service?

How to choose a call answering service for small business

There are SO many call answering companies out there – the good, the bad & the ugly!

And if you’re trusting someone to represent YOUR business to your customers, how do you know which to choose?

We’ve put together this handy checklist, with the top questions to ask, so you can make the right decision.


• How credible IS this call answering company?

With advances in technology over recent years, it’s easier than ever for someone to set themselves up as a telephone answering service.

But how credible are they really?

How do you KNOW they’ll do a great job for you – and deliver the service you need, for every single person who calls your business?

• Check testimonials.

It’s pretty obvious – but Google them! Check out their Google reviews & Facebook reviews.

What do their customers say?

Do they have testimonials on their website? Real, genuine testimonials, that you can trust?

Here at Answer My Phone, we know how important this is – and video testimonials certainly can’t be made up! Which is why we’re constantly adding more to our website, so you can see exactly what our customers say.

• How long have they been established?

There’s no guarantee that a long-term company is a good one, of course!

But if they’ve been around for a while, it IS an indicator that their service is of some quality – and that they’re experienced at handling your calls for you.

At Answer My Phone, we’ve been a dedicated telephone answering service for over a decade, with hundreds of happy customers.

Click here to read Distinct IT’s story – who’ve just celebrated their 10-year anniversary with us!

• Have they won any awards?

It’s not easy to win business awards! It takes a lot of work & the competition is usually fierce.

So they’re a great indication that you can expect a high-quality service from a committed, customer-focused business.

We’re very proud that of our award-winning Telephone Answering Service, and our Business of the Year awards!

• Where are they based?

This is always worth checking. If your call answering service is not based where your customers are – like in the UK - there can be challenges with time differences & language barriers.

You might prefer a local service, too. If your business is based regionally, it can help for your calls to be answered by someone who knows & understands your local market.

At Answer My Phone, we’re based in Cardiff. All of your calls are handled by our professional team, at our offices here. So you know you’re getting a UK-based telephone answering service at all times!

• Are they a call centre?

Do you want your clients, suppliers & prospects to speak to call centre staff?

Here at Answer My Phone, we are NOT a call centre – but a team of friendly, highly-trained sales professionals.

We become part of your team. We answer your phones exactly like you do. We get to know your business inside out, so we can truly help every single person who calls you.

And because we’re highly sales trained, we NEVER let a lead or prospect slip through your fingers!

• Will they truly represent your business – and sound like YOU, when your customers call?

To us, this is the measure of a great call answering service – when your callers never realise we’re not sitting in your office!

“Answer My Phone took great time to know the intricacies of my business…none of my clients had any indication you were anything other than an employee in my business!”

- Hazel Hannant, Contemporary Photography

You’re choosing someone to represent your business & act as your first point of contact. So you’ve GOT to know you can trust them, exactly as if you were employing someone in house.

Click here to discover more about how this works!

• What exactly will it cost?

As with any industry, there are (sadly) some companies out there who just won’t be upfront about the true cost of call answering.

Click here for our exact prices!

Make sure you ask about set-up fees – while we never charge for this, some companies do charge up to £200.

You need to know how you’ll be charged for calls; whether you’ll be charged for sales calls; and about any other hidden charges. Click here to read the full article!

And last – but not least:

• Do you like them? Are they the right ‘fit’ for you?

To us, it’s a bit like employing someone in your team!

Even though you’re not sitting next to them every day, you’re still looking for a long-term relationship. You need someone you like & trust, and that you can rely on.

As with taking staff on, it helps if you like them! And can see a future working together.

We’d love for you to try us out, to see if we’re the right fit for you.

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