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How do Telephone Answering Services Work?

Your Answer My Phone team!

Well – it’s a lot more than just answering your calls!

Let’s look at WHAT we actually do here at Answer My Phone, and HOW it all works.

How should I use Telephone Answering Services?

Any of these sound familiar?

- When you’re out quoting for jobs or doing site visits, your phone isn’t getting answered (or you’re having to take calls & getting interrupted);

- When you’re dealing with customers or with clients; there’s no-one to take your calls;

- You have a team of people, but when they’re all on the phone (or out to lunch, or with clients) you’re missing calls;

- There’s only one phone line in your business – so clients get your voicemail, if someone’s already on the phone;

- You need to get your head down & focus on a job, but you’re constantly being interrupted by the phone ringing;

- It’s only you – you’re doing everything yourself, but struggling to find enough time to get everything done & grow your business;

- You have a receptionist, but they don’t work every day; take holidays & sometimes ring in sick;

- When you go on holiday, you’re still answering the phone – OR you want to be sure your customers still get the same level of service while you’re away…

The list is endless!

But if ANY of these situations sounds familiar, then using Telephone Answering Services can 100% help – freeing up your time, and guaranteeing you never miss a valuable call again.

At Answer My Phone, you can use our call answering services to:

1) Answer all of your incoming calls, all of the time – so you never miss a call, even when you’re out or with clients;

2) Take your overflow calls, when your lines are busy – rather than getting your voicemail (80% of people hang up when they hear a recorded message);

3) Handle your calls during specific times, like when you’re on holiday – or if your receptionist is off sick, or if your team are all out on a big project.

Use us however you need! We’re entirely flexible & here to help however we can.

It all helps to ensure your customers get a brilliant experience, every time they contact you.

If it’s just you in your business, it really helps your callers to think you have a bigger, professional team.

And you NEVER miss an important call from a prospect or client, that could be worth £££ to your business.

So how does Telephone Answering work in practise?

It starts with you diverting your calls to us.

It’s super-simple to do, and we’ll help you through the process.

You can divert all calls; just when your lines are busy; or after a certain number of rings.

And then when someone calls you, we answer!

What happens when someone calls me?

We answer your calls using YOUR business name & your chosen greeting.

Think of us as your virtual receptionists! Your callers never know it’s NOT someone in your office answering your phones.

When we start working together, it’s crucial that we get to know you & your business really well.

We’ve had tons of practise at this (just ask our customers!) – so we know the right questions to ask you, to understand your business inside out.

Our systems record all of this information. So when your calls come in, all of the answers to your caller’s questions are at our fingertips.

It means we really can provide you & your callers with a seamless, bespoke service.

What about my messages?

We relay messages to you within moments of the call.

We’ll send your messages over by text, email or fax. Message taking is our speciality! We make sure all of the details are 100% correct, and that nothing important gets missed.

And – for those all-important sales calls, or for other critical calls – you can just let us know your qualifying criteria. And when a call meets your criteria, will put it straight through to you.

What about cold calls? How does that work?

We’ve had plenty of practise! We screen out nuisance cold calls – but very carefully.

We never assume a call is spam & take great care to ensure you never miss anything important.

You said it’s MORE than just call answering?

Yup! Because we take huge pride in not only answering your phones – but helping you to grow your business, too.

We are not a call centre (as you’ll see if you ever pop in to our Cardiff HQ)!

All of our team are highly sales-trained, energetic & switched-on professionals.

We NEVER miss an opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell your products + services. It all drives leads & sales in to you effectively, to help your business grow.

Which is loads easier than sales training (and managing) your own receptionist in-house!

So how do I get started with Telephone Answering Services in my business?

Take our 2-week Free Trial now.

It’s the best way to see for yourself exactly how it all works.

You can properly measure the value of the calls you’re missing, and the time that NOT answering your own phone frees up for you.

It’s genuinely 100%, no-strings-attached FREE, for a full 2 weeks. Because it’s the best way for us to show you this!

And once your Free Trial is over, using Telephone Answering Services really doesn’t have to be expensive (click here to see our recent article, “How Much does Telephone Answering Cost?”).

What’s next?

So! To find out more – or get going now with your 2-Week Free Trial - just:

- Pop your details into this form, and we’ll be in touch:
- Call us on 02920 695999;
- Or email me, Delyth, directly on

And we’d love to start answering your calls – freeing up your time, never missing a valuable call AND growing your business – very soon!

Until next time


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