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How does a Virtual Receptionist Work?

How does a Virtual Receptionist Work

In this week’s blog, we’ll walk you through exactly HOW a Virtual Receptionist works:

- What does a Virtual Receptionist do?
- How does a Virtual Receptionist work?
- How to set up a Virtual Receptionist?
- And what does a Virtual Receptionist cost?

So you can make an informed decision, about the right choice for your business!

A good Virtual Receptionist should work exactly like your in-house receptionist would. Even though they’re not sitting in your office, they should still sound like part of your team:

Thanks a lot for the marvellous service! The best compliment I’ve heard so far is ‘you cannot tell they’re not real Gate staff…except they’re probably more professional. So maybe you can!’”
- Mark Stavers, The Gate Arts Centre

Your Virtual Receptionist is representing YOUR business – to your clients & customers, suppliers & prospects. Just like hiring someone, it’s crucial you find the right ‘fit’ for your company.

So how DOES a Virtual Receptionist work? And what do they do for you?

1. We answer your calls.

To get set up, you just need to divert your calls to us (it’s simple & quick – we’ll walk you through the entire process).

And then:

We can answer all your calls, all the time – so you never miss a call, even when you're out or with clients;

• Or take your overflow calls, when your lines are busy (80% of people hang up when they hear a recorded message);

• Or handle your calls at specific times, like when you're on holiday, or if you’re short-staffed.

We're experts at relaying your messages to you, by text or email within minutes of the call - and can patch 'VIP' calls right through to you. And we’ll even filter out all of those annoying spam calls!

2. We sound like you.

We answer your calls with your chosen greeting, as if your team were answering the phone.

And when we start working together, we get to know the intricacies of your business (just like your in-house receptionist would!).

Every single detail gets recorded in our rather smart system - so when your calls come in, we have all the essential information at our fingertips.

However technical your business may be, we handle your calls with the right level of knowledge, care & detail.

It all means your callers never know you’re using a Virtual Receptionist – but think it’s your in-house team they're speaking with!


3. We drive leads & sales for you.

This is one thing we specialise in – but that you wouldn’t expect from a traditional receptionist!

We are NOT a call centre (as you'll see if you visit our Cardiff HQ) – but a team of sales-trained, energetic professionals, dedicated to helping your business grow.

We never miss a carefully-considered opportunity to upsell or cross-sell your products or services - driving leads, referrals & sales in to you, to help your business flourish.

"We had a 2-week free trial...and that was the best thing we did! We've grown from £100k turnover,
to over £1 million. Answer My Phone are an integral part of our team!"
- Miall Hardwick, Heath Windows & Doors

So it’s not just a Virtual Receptionist you get – but a sales-focused, professional back-office team, to help your business grow.

How much does a Virtual Receptionist cost?

Well – at LOT less than employing someone yourself!

Click here for full details about our prices.

Using us as your Virtual Receptionist costs from just £79 per month (+VAT). Our average client spends £121 per month (+ VAT) with us.

Which is a H-U-G-E saving on a full-time salary!

There’s no expensive holiday pay or Employers NI. You don’t need to buy equipment. You don’t have the cost & time of training & supervising staff, or being stuck without cover if they ring in sick.

And there’s no lengthy contract tying you in (just 30 days’ notice), NO set-up fees & no hidden charges!

What do I need to next, to get my Virtual Receptionist set up?


Take our 2-Week Free Trial NOW.

Click the link to leave your details. Or you can reach me personally on 02920 695 999, or by emailing

We can have a chat & answer any questions you might have.

We’ll then get your call divert set up, so your calls start coming through to us. It’s simple to do, doesn’t take long & we’ll guide you through every step of the process.

At the same time, we’ll research your business & understand more about what you do. We’ll have a chat so you can give us all the key information your callers might need – from details about your products or service, to directions for customers to find you.

All of this gets recorded in our system – so when your calls come in, we’ll have everything we need to hand.

And that’s it! For 2 weeks, we’ll answer your phones & relay all of your messages immediately by text or email – completely FREE.

By the end of 2 weeks, you’ll know if we’re the right fit for you. You can choose to go on & work with us, as your Virtual Receptionist.

And if not, we just say farewell!

Click here to leave your details now; call 02920 695999; or email

Do get in touch – let’s have a chat about how it could all work for you!

Until next time


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