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How to spend YOUR 24 hours on the highest-value tasks…

“Hello! Can I speak to {insert your own name here} please?”

Erm…no. No, you can’t.

It’s one of the BEST things about a call answering service – that you (and/or your team) stop having your precious time sucked away on unscheduled calls.

But if your customers are used to calling & having immediate access to YOU - or particular people in your team – then it can feel like a tough change to make.

It’s come up this week because we had a chat with a lovely chap down on the South coast. He was worried that his customers might get upset if they couldn’t speak directly to him when they rang.

It’s always been that way in his business. He wants to keep them happy.

And we get it (truly – we do!).

BUT the truth is that your callers WILL get used to it. And faster than you think!

Just like they would if they’re used to speaking to Steve, but Steve got another job & left…

Within a week, the change is made.

And it’s an important change that HAS to happen in order to grow – whether you choose a call answering service or to hire staff in-house. Everyone simply cannot have access to you, all of the time. 

I have learnt it the (very) hard way, over my last decade as a business owner.

The only way to grow your business – to have the time, energy & mental resources to find more business, seek out new opportunities and push onwards towards your goals – is to guard your precious time like your life depends on it.

Because there’s only 24 hours in a day. We get to choose how we spend them – on the highest-value, highest-priority tasks. Or not.

When I stop planning my time & slip back into the reactive day-to-day stuff, I get a LOT less of the important stuff done. I’m busier, if anything – busy running around & doing the doing.

But does that grow our business? Clarify our focus? Develop our team? Move us forwards?

Not one bit.

In all honestly, even with the very best intentions, I still don’t manage my time as effectively as I could all of the time (maybe one day I’ll get there!).

When you do plan your time in dedicated blocks each day - to get the highest-value work done - it becomes crystal clear just HOW much gets freed up when someone else handles all your calls for you.

It’s not just the actual time on the phone (although that really does stack up) – but getting constantly pulled away from your higher-value tasks. And it’s incredibly irritating to plan 90 minutes to launch a new marketing campaign, to get disturbed halfway through because a client rings.

Instead, you can get your messages immediately; work out what’s worth the time from your precious 24 hours; and return those calls in YOUR schedule, at a time that works for YOU.

What’s really funny is one of IT clients over in Bristol – I’ll call him Dave!

Dave’s customers call and always ask to speak to Paige or Tanya.

If Dave himself answered the phone, they’d probably still ask to speak to Paige or Tanya.

But Paige & Tanya aren’t in Dave’s team (like his customers think)…they’re in ours!

And THAT’S what matters – that Dave’s customers are getting the best, most helpful + positive experience every time they call his business.

Dave himself doesn’t need to spend his time on those calls, to make that happen. He can get on with growing his business & making more money (as he is currently doing pretty impressively!).

He can timeblock an hour to return all his calls between 3pm + 4pm, when his energy starts to drop off & his higher-value tasks for the day are all done.

Even better than that (for Dave, anyway), we’ve invested massively more £££ into our phone systems than he has. He doesn’t need to. We do – it’s our business.

So if a customer calls for the 4th time today, because no-one from Dave’s company has rung back yet – we know. We can anticipate, diffuse & manage the calls from the very start, instead of having a disgruntled client. We can patch it through; log in to their system & raise a support ticket; go the extra mile to get it sorted.


I think the point I was trying to make is that yes, it’s a challenge to make any changes in any business. Yes, your clients ARE used to speaking to you. Managing that change might take a week or two to bed in.

But really, the risk of NOT doing it - allowing access to you all of the time, instead of spending that time focusing on growth & driving our businesses forwards – is far greater.

I want to spend my 24 hours as effectively as I can. And we’d LOVE to help you do the same!).

So! If you fancy giving it a go, take a 2-Week Free Trial to test it all out & see the difference it makes for you.

(It’s genuinely free – we don’t even take your billing details. I HATE it when companies do that!).

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