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I think I can confidently assume that neither you or anyone else at your company would want to put your sales on hold… so don’t put your customers on hold!

You’ve probably encountered it yourself, an automated message followed by ‘elevator’ music that makes your ears bleed. Your time is precious and you don’t like having to wait in a phone queue – especially when you receive no indication of your expected wait time.  You’re more important than that… and so are your customers!

You know what it’s like, whether it’s a call to HRMC or the local doctor’s surgery, you’ve got a better chance of winning the Euromillions than getting straight through.  It’s a chore… and if you can delay it, or avoid it completely, you do!

If you’re allowing your customers and potential customers to be put on hold, no matter how good your holding music is, you’re losing business - I am confident enough to state that that’s a fact.

 You don’t just have to take my word for it, or think I’m being dramatic.  This article by The Guardian discusses why voicemails and automated phone systems are infuriating -

80% of prospects hang up when they hear a recorded message – they won’t leave a voicemail and they won’t call back.  You’ve potentially lost that potential customer and their business forever – this should be a scary thought.

We know that your job can be tough – not only have you got to keep your existing customers happy, but you’ve got to continually impress your prospects in order to generate new business.  You can’t do this if you miss calls, don’t have time to walk… or worse, don’t answer your calls at all.

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