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Sales vs Salaries. Chicken & Egg!

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My coach says it all the time. “You’ve got to invest in getting help in your business, BEFORE you need it”.

Which is true.

But that doesn’t make it easy!

We all need more people to grow our sales. But we need the sales, to afford the salary. It’s chicken & egg.

It’s why I’m SO passionate about making it affordable for other business owners to get the help they need, to grow their business.

I know how stressful it is when your business is growing. The calls are coming in – people wanting to book with you, find out more or buy from you.

Which is great!

But you’re working longer & longer days, trying to fit everything in. Serving your clients; doing all your marketing & bringing the new business. Let alone everything else that needs to get done.

And it gets to the point where it’s not much fun & feels like you’ve just got a job again (I’ve been there, by the way!).

It’s even worse if you start missing sales coming in while you’re in meetings, on the road or out with your clients.

You call them back, of course – but they don’t pick up. You never know how big a client they might have become.

Or worse, they’ve moved on & found someone else for the job, by the time you reach them…

It’s gutting! All that time & money on your advertising, marketing, social media & your website, gone to waste.

I know how it feels to desperately need staff (or more staff). But even though your business is growing, you’ve not yet got the cashflow there to support another full-time salary.

Plus all the time & headaches of finding the right person. Advertising. Getting them set up. Training them. Managing them. Keeping them motivated. Keeping them full stop!

I had an interesting meeting earlier this week, with someone running a fairly sizeable business – with NO employees at all. Not one person.

They have a bank of regular freelancers (and of course, they have to quality control that work). Outsourced graphic designers, a copywriter & a virtual bookkeeper.

And now, they have a virtual receptionist too! ;)

Whether it’s just you in your business or you already have a team – outsourcing your call answering really IS an affordable way to take off the pressure off your shoulders. And get the help you need to grow.

Here’s how it works…

• You divert your calls to us (super easy – we’ll show you how). Either all the time, or just when you need it.

• We answer your calls, using your business name. Exactly like you would.

• It’s 100% seamless. Your callers never know it’s NOT your business they’re speaking to!

• You get your messages immediately, by text and/or email.

• We can patch VIP callers through.

• And because we get to know your business – and record all your info in our centralised system – we can truly serve your callers, answer their questions & even take bookings for you, straight into your diary.

You can (literally) outsource that whole side of your business to us – so you can get on with doing the high-value work & growing your sales.

Wherever you’re working, you get your messages instantly.

Every single caller gets amazing service – every time.

Your business seems bigger than it is.

You never miss a call worth £££ (even last thing on a Friday).

And because we don’t just answer your calls – but proactively drive referrals, upsell & cross-sell for you – you win more business, too.

Wayne puts it better than me!

I must confess the service has been simply been outstanding…

“Not only do they answer the telephone in a professional & courteous manner, they also take accurate and detailed messages, text and emailed to you to ensure safe receipt.

"In addition to this, they add significant value by canvassing business for you whilst going about their daily routine. This has resulted in 4 referrals today.

I have no hesitation in referring business Answer My!”

Wayne Evans at Joe Fizz Asset Finance

How much would a full-time salary set you back?

Our award-winning telephone answering service is just £79 (+VAT) per month.

For this, we handle your first 35 calls (excluding spam & PPI calls – we never charge you for those!). And it’s then just £1.99 for every additional call.

So when I say I’m passionate about making this affordable, I truly mean it!

The first step is to a take a 2-Week Free Trial to test the water & see if we’re the right ‘fit’ for your business.

We don’t even take your billing details. And if we’re not right for you after 2 weeks, we just say goodbye & wish you well!

What have you got to lose?

To find out more or get the ball rolling:

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Thanks for reading – we’d LOVE to help you grow your business this year!

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