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Should I outsource my receptionist to a Telephone Answering Service?

This week’s blog was inspired by this recent post on Facebook.

Jon’s story shows how he’s successfully outsourced his reception cover – and we thought we’d share how our award-winning Telephone Answering Service could work for you, too.

It was his last line that grabbed our attention: “Amazing how much more productive it is when you stop being interrupted”.

Because it’s true.

If you & your staff (including your receptionist!) are being disrupted by incoming calls all the time, you simply can’t get as much work done.

Here’s what else Jon had to say…

“We used to have someone internally to answer the phone & they were pretty much just fending off sales calls full time. Then the whole office would end up in a chat discussing the sales call.

“We also had cover issues on holidays & early or late in the day.

“Now, everyone can concentrate on their projects and go into a side office to make or take a call. It’s been 6 years now – and overall, I’d say that using Telephone Answering is one of the BEST things we’ve done.”

And he’s absolutely right.

For us business owners, we HAVE to do the highest-value, most-important work that only we can do. It’s our job & our responsibility.

There’s nothing more frustrating than being in flow - working on your marketing or a client proposal – and having your thoughts interrupted. It’s hard to get your mind back to where you were, before you were disturbed.

It just wastes time.

And it wastes even MORE time for our paid staff, if they’re spending their days fending off sales calls – and losing focus, with the whole office chatting about the calls afterwards (as Jon says).

Especially if you have multiple team members working in one space – and one call can disrupt the WHOLE office.

At Answer My Phone, our award-winning Telephone Answering Service really CAN help you to move away from this.


•When you outsource your reception cover to us, we answer you calls for you. We text or email your messages to you immediately. It means you’re 100% in the loop.

• BUT if you need to finish what you’re doing – to get that proposal finished, or complete client work on a deadline – you can get it done.

• And then when you’re ready, at a time to suit YOUR schedule, you can return any calls or messages you want to.


Your team stop being disturbed all the time too, to keep them focused on getting their own work done.

Of course, if you have VIP clients or specific sales calls you’re expecting, we can patch them right through to you. You just need to let us know.

We’ll (carefully!) screen out all those annoying, time-wasting sales calls for you too.

Your callers & customers will never know it’s NOT your office they’re speaking with. We answer your calls with your chosen greeting & sound just like your in-house team.

When we start working together, we take the time to truly get to know your business. All the information we need is recorded in our smart system – so we have everything at our fingertips, to handle your calls professionally & with care.

You NEVER miss a call either – when you don’t have cover, or when your lines are busy. We make sure a lead or new enquiry never slips through your fingers.

And – of course – it’s a fraction of the cost. According to, the current average UK receptionist’s salary is £16,060. Our average client at Answer My Phone spends £121 (+VAT) per month with us. It’s a HUGE saving.

It all means you never have to worry about your reception cover again.

We’d love to have a chat about HOW it could all work for your business.

Your 2-Week Free Trial gives you the chance to test out exactly how outsourcing your receptionist would work.

You can see how much time it frees up; how much more productive you & your team can be; and the true value of any calls you’re currently missing.

After your 2-week Free Trial, there’s absolutely no strings & no obligation. We only want to work together if we’re 100% right for each other. And if not, we just say farewell!

Click here to see what our customers say.

And then email me on or call me personally on 02920 695999, for a chat about your outsourcing YOUR receptionist!

Until next time


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