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I’m a Sole Trader. I don’t need a Telephone Answering Service!

Sole Trader - Telephone Answering

Well…here’s the thing!

If you’re a Sole Trader – and especially if it’s just you in your business – then using a Telephone Answering Service can work brilliantly.

Because it gives you the capacity to take on more work & grow your business, without the headache or worry (or cost!) or employing staff yourself.

“…I must admit I was sceptical at first! But Answer My Phone have provided a first class service. The comments from my customers on how professional my company now is have been outstanding. I’m so glad I took advantage of their free trial & plan to keep on using their service for as long as possible”
- Andy Lewis, Lewis Carpentry & Joinery Ltd

Here’s how & WHY it works so well for sole traders…

1) You NEVER miss incoming enquiries, when you’re out on a job.

When we answer your calls for you, you never miss a sale again.

I recently needed an overgrown hedge cutting back in our garden. So I Googled for someone locally.

It was a Tuesday morning.

The first 3 companies didn’t answer the phone. I didn’t leave a message (who does?!) because I wanted to sort it there & then. I just kept scrolling down & calling.

The fourth guy – Craig – answered the phone. We had chat. He came out to quote that week & completed the job 10 days later.

Maybe those first 3 companies didn’t need the work. Or maybe they were out on jobs that Tuesday morning, and unable to get to their phone.

Either way, the truth is that whoever speaks to the customer first gets the work. We live in SUCH a fast-paced world now, that most of us simply don’t have time to wait.

If those first 3 companies HAD someone answer their phones – and booked in to come & quote – they would have got the work instead.

You don’t have to miss those incoming sales calls, just because you’re busy.

We give your callers all the information they need; book appointments & quotes for you; and relay your messages to you immediately, by text or email. So you can get on with doing the jobs that pay!

2) Your business appears bigger & more professional, than if it’s just you taking the calls.

When you use our call answering service, people think you have a team of people – and that your business is bigger than it really is.

We’ve even had customers ask our clients who their new receptionist is!

We answer your calls with your chosen greeting & sound exactly like it’s your business. We record all of the information about your business in our smart system – so we have everything at our fingertips, to help your callers.

Every single person who contacts your business gets a professional, smooth & enthusiastic service.

It’s a great way to build the BEST customer service into your business, giving your customers & prospects even more confidence & trust in your company to get the job done.

3) You save time, money & hassle.

If you’re the only person in your business – or if it’s just you & small team – the chances are you’re doing a LOT of the work yourself. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

By letting us handle your calls, it’s a super cost-effective way to get rid of some of that work, time & hassle:

• We can book appointments for you;
• Relay your messages to you immediately by email or text;
• Ensure you NEVER miss a sales lead or incoming job;
• And even manage your diary for you.

You don’t have to worry about employing someone – finding them; managing them; sorting their contract & being stuck without cover if they’re on holiday or off sick.

And using us at AMP to answer your calls is a fraction of the cost of hiring someone yourself (click here to read all about our pricing).

If you think it might work for you – then why not take our 2-Week Free Trial, with our compliments?

It’s a fantastic way to test us out for 2 full weeks. You can see exactly how it all works & whether we’re right for your business.

It’s quick & simple to get set up. There’s genuinely no strings & no limitations. And if after 2 weeks we’re not right for you, we just say farewell!

To find out more – or to get started with your 2-Week Free Trial – just give me a call on 02920 695999 or email me personally on

And let us take some of the stress, time & hassle off your shoulders!

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