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Telephone Answering Service…Holiday Cover!

Call Answering Service Holiday Cover

As a business owner, it can feel almost impossible to leave your business & take a holiday.

It’s even harder to switch off completely (we’ve been there - lying by the pool, checking emails & thinking about work!).

We’re not alone. Over half of all UK small business owners take just 5 days holiday – or less – each year. 20% of us don’t have a single day off, according to this report.

It’s no surprise. Business owners are the hardest working people we know.

But there ARE things you can do, to help keep things running smoothly while you take a break!

Using a Telephone Answering Service for holiday cover

It’s not just the operational pressure that ties us to our businesses – but that we cannot afford to let sales & revenue drop, while we’re away.

It’s a huge concern, whether we have a team to support us or work alone.

And call answering is a great solution.

We can handle all of your incoming calls, while you’re on holiday.

• Together, we set up a temporary divert, so your calls start coming through to us.

We answer your calls with your chosen greeting, using your business name. Your callers will never know it’s NOT your company they’re speaking with!

• We’ll record all your key business information in our system, so we have full details at our fingertips to help serve your callers (exactly as an in-house receptionist would).

• And we’ll send your messages over immediately to you, by email or text – so you can deal with them at a time that works for you.

It really takes the pressure off – because you KNOW that all your calls are being handled professionally & exactly as you’d like, in your absence.

We make sure a lead or sales opportunity never slips through your fingers, just because you’re not there to answer the phone.

Of course, we can set VIP or emergency flags for you, so if anything urgent comes up, we can alert you (but in our experience, this very, very rarely ever happens!).

It all means you can relax on holiday, instead of worrying about calls & constantly checking your phone.

“I had Answer My Phone handle all incoming calls while I was on holiday – to make sure I didn’t miss any calls or get any unnecessary interruptions!

“My calls were handled in a very professional manner. On most occasions, the client was advised I was away for a few days. When something urgent came up, I asked for an email to be sent which I would pick up and deal with. All of this was agreed before I went away and was handled exactly as I wanted.

“In fact one of my suppliers actually asked me who my new member of staff was when I got back!

“I strongly recommend Answer My Phone’s services & will certainly be using them again in future”

- Andrew Jones, JMD Law


Like Andrew, you can check your messages & deal with them in one go, in your own time – and then go back to enjoying holiday time with your family, friends & loved ones.

And once you’re back, we just remove the divert – and it’s back to business as usual!

How much does Short Term Call Answering cost?

Well – we like to keep it simple!

Our Telephone Answering Service Holiday Cover costs just £35 (+VAT) per week + £1.99 (+VAT) per call.

That’s it. No contract, no set-up fee & absolutely nothing else to pay.

It’s a small price to switch off while you’re on holiday!

This includes:

• Setting up your call divert;
• Getting to know all about your business & recording all essential details in our system;
• Handling all your incoming calls & serving your callers professionally & proficiently;
• Answering your calls as your business, with your chosen greeting;
• And relaying all messages to you immediately & accurately, by email or text.

Is it just Telephone Answering Holiday Cover you provide?

Nope! Click here to find out more about our full telephone answering services.

Our temporary call answering is perfect when you’re out of the office, for any reason.

Use us as a one-off or on an ad-hoc basis, a few times a year:

• When you’re on business trips;
• Answering your phones while you’re at exhibitions, trade shows or away with your trade stand;
• Or when you & your team are out on site, delivering projects & have deadlines to meet.

We can help you work out the best solution to keep your business running smoothly, when you’re not there.

Give our Cardiff HQ a call now on 02920 695 999 or email me personally –

And let’s talk about how YOU can take a holiday – a proper holiday from your business - without the worry & stress while you’re away!

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