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This is what happens when you get headspace OUT of your business!

Ok – so we’ve not been paragliding! But Ade & I were away this week, at the Entrepreneur’s Circle ‘Implementation Days’.

The idea is to spend 2 full, focused days out of your business, to get the important stuff done. Working ‘on’ your business, rather than ‘in’ it.

We don’t do this enough. And I love events like these.

There’s something powerful about getting out of your usual work space for a couple of days, to work on the bigger picture.

At this particular event, you can book short slots with experts in the room. Things like Facebook ads; strategy; getting clear on your USP; developing your client journey; using Mailchimp; knowing your numbers. Which is all rather useful.

The downside is that Ade & I always come away with a ginormous list of stuff we want to do! And it’s hard to find the time to stay focused ‘on’ the business once you’re back, with all the day-to-day jobs that have to happen.

But it was a brilliant couple of days. I feel like we’re getting clearer than ever on when we’re going, our goals & what needs to happen to get there.

So in this week’s blog, I thought I’d share the 3 biggest takeaways that came from having the headspace – in the hopeful they’re helpful for you, too!

1) We’re just not doing enough.

Which was a pretty major wake-up call!

We’re actually good at getting stuff done, here at AMP. We’ve worked hard on our systems over the last couple of years. We market our business consistently & are always improving our service & our customer experience (the bit I love most!).

Our new website is being built, as I type.


• We need to be marketing harder. Video is the BIG one we’re missing.

It’s tough. I know that video is becoming more & more crucial – to build your audience; help people get to know, like & trust you; and drive sales.

I’m just not entirely comfortable on camera! But I know I need to get over it & focus on adding value and creating content to help & serve our audience.

A big block that’s been holding me back is not knowing what to talk about. But now I’m getting clearer on that (which really helps, by the way).

So this is a public commitment, right here – watch out for new videos in the next week or two!

• We need to do more work on our client journey.

Just like with your client journey, there’s always more you can do…

To wow your clients; reinforce your value & keep them with you longer. New touch points, to check in & see if you can help. New ways to add value – like weekly videos & printed newsletters. New services & new ways to serve your clients better.

So we’re on it!

• We need to get clearer on our core values.

I don’t know if it’s the same for you? We live our core values in our day-to-day business.

But we didn’t ‘formally’ have them down on paper.

For us, it’s about caring for our clients (and our team - ‘caring’ is over-used & a bit soft but can’t think of a better word!). Constant learning & improvement. And providing an expert call management service.

It’s interesting, because having them down in writing feels like it consolidates everything.

Your team can rally behind them. Your content flows from them (as does what you talk about on video). And it gets easier to make decisions – like whether that new prospect is the right ‘fit’ for your business.

It’s powerful stuff!

2. You need time & headspace to work ON your business.

This is the BIG one.

I don’t know about you – but when I’m ‘in’ the business, at my desk all day long, I can’t see the wood for the trees!

You need the time & headspace to think. Actually, I think that’s probably why most of my best ideas come when I’m driving the car (without the kids!). Or in the shower.

To grow our business, we HAVE to make that time & mental space happen.

Whether it’s a full day away from your business – to work ‘on’ it, strategically & driving sales - or just time to think while you walk the dog.

This week has proved to me more than ever that headspace is crucial for success!

3. Expert help & advice is essential.

It’s funny – at that event, you only get 20 mins with each expert. So not a lot of time to go deep.

But even just that tiny bit of expert advice goes a long way!

We got some real insights into our business, that we’ve never had before. They’ve opened our eyes & helped us see things differently. All of which will help drive our business forward, faster than ever.

It’s way easier to sit at your desk & keep trying to do it alone. Especially if cashflow is tight.

But in truth, it’s been a powerful reminder that the right expert help is critical. Especially when it comes to the essentials – like accountancy, customer service & marketing.

So all in all, it’s been a productive week!

I’m very glad we took the time out & found the headspace we needed. It feels good.

And if we can help YOU right now:

• To manage your calls & save you time day-to-day (to work ON your business, rather than in it);

• To take some of the stress & pressure off your shoulders, to give you more headspace;

• And to deliver an incredible experience for your callers & customers, every single time…

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It’s properly no-strings free (we don’t even take your billing details) and then from just £79 per month.

The idea is that it’s just a quick & easy way to test the water!

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