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What You Need To Know...How a Message Taking Service Works!

How Message Taking Service Works!

If you’ve got too much to do (haven’t we all!) - and not enough time - then having someone you can trust to handle your calls & messages can be a total godsend.

And in this week’s blog, we’ll look in depth at EXACTLY how our message taking service works for our client’s businesses across the UK.

Let’s dive straight in…

Why do I need a Message Taking Service anyway?

Well – first off, it stops any important messages getting lost (or lost in translation!). Which happens SO easily if your business is busy & your team get distracted halfway through writing it down.

And then people call again, fed up, and wasting even more time.

Instead of post it notes, scribbles in a diary or just telling you, you get everything fast & accurately by email and/or text. It’s all in one place, for you to find, keep & deal with easily, wherever you are. You have ALL the crucial details to hand – nothing missing, nothing lost or forgotten.

Perhaps more importantly though - your business doesn’t make money from dealing with inbound calls.

Of course, you never want to miss a call from a lead or prospect, with the potential to become a big new client. You never want an opportunity to grow your business to slip through your fingers.

And we make sure you never do!

But all those routine calls that you deal with – day in, day out – just suck your time & your team’s time.

The calls from people with basic queries, like how to find you. Customers wanting an update or chasing work. For our IT clients, it’s raising tickets & support enquiries. Calls from suppliers & reps, wanting to come & see you. Not to mention all those spammy sales calls!

It’s all stuff that has to happen in your business. But it doesn’t make you money.

And I’ll be honest with you – as a business owner, I’d rather my staff spent all their time on services that our customers are paying for (and I’m sure you’re the same!).

When you use our service, you & your staff can spend more time on the things that generate income. Less time answering phone calls = more time available to process chargeable work.

So how DOES your Message Taking Service work?

1. We handle your incoming calls.

It means you NEVER miss a call or sale – even when you’re out with clients, or your team are on the phone already. Or during those tricky times when the office is empty (like 4pm on Friday before a Bank Holiday weekend!).

Your callers get our 100% focus & attention, for the very best service (which is hard for any employee in your business, when they have a million other tasks too!).

2. We answer your calls using your business name & your chosen greeting.

We’re experts at a seamless transition. Your callers never know it’s NOT your in-house staff they’re speaking to! In fact, our clients often get asked who their new employee is…

3. We get to know your business, to serve your callers as you would.

All your essential business information gets recorded in our central system – so we have everything at our fingertips to serve your callers, every time. Exactly as your team would.

We can even take bookings for you, straight into your diary.

4. We send your messages over immediately – by email and/or text.

You get your messages fast & accurately, directly from our team here at our Cardiff HQ.

It means that instead of being interrupted all day long, you can schedule your day to check & respond to your messages at a time that suits you.

5. For any VIP calls, we can patch them straight through.

In truth, we treat every caller as a VIP!

But if you’re expecting an important call – or always want to speak to a particular client – we can always patch the call straight through to you.

And if you don’t already have a receptionist, then you get the added bonus of appearing to have a bigger, more established team than answering the phone yourself!


“We have just finished a free 1 month trial with Answer My Phone – and I cannot believe the difference it has made!

“Every call is answered professionally & is either transferred to my mobile, or a thoroughly detailed message is taken & emailed straight to my phone. They also screen out a great deal of nuisance sales calls so that I don’t have to deal with them anymore.

“Because of Answer My Phone, we have just taken an order worth £8,500 - the largest single private order we have taken in 20 years of trading!

“Anyone who has a business & wants to maximise enquiries and have a more professional profile will be more than happy with the service provided by Answer My Phone"

Anthony Bollard, Sovereign Steel Services


Click here to see more of what our customers say!

The great news?

Try it for yourself, for 2 whole weeks – completely FREE.

There’s no strings, no limits & no contract (we don’t even take your billing details).

Of course, we’d love for you to go on & join our hundreds of happy customers once your trial is over! But I promise, there’s absolutely no pressure. And if we’re not right for you after 2 weeks, we just say farewell.

And once your Free Trial is over, it’s super affordable too, starting from just £79 per month (+VAT). Click here to see our full pricing info.

Sound interesting?

To find out more about how our message taking service could work for YOUR business, just:

• Email me personally –
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• Or pop your details in here & we’ll be in touch!

Get in touch now – we’d love to help save YOU time, energy & money too!

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