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Who do you REALLY want to serve?

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You can’t serve everyone. Right? We COULD serve every single business with a telephone. Which is a whole lot of people.

I’m sure it’s the same for you. There’s a huge number of people who could buy from you.

But therein lies the problem.

You can’t serve them all. And when you try to, it doesn’t work. Your marketing doesn’t connect, because you’re not talking deeply enough to resonate with anyone.

And it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. For our business, here at Answer My Phone – who do we REALLY want to help?

Small businesses come in all shapes & sizes. But the one thing they all have in common is that they’re run by people. Real human beings, with their own unique values & view of the world.

I want to serve the people who share our values. Our world view & our mindset. Because those are the people we can help most (and are a pleasure to work with!).

And in learning this, I’m also getting clearer & clearer on who we’re not right for.

Like the people who prioritise cost over everything else & want a dirt-cheap solution (I’m sure you get some of them, too!). I’m not saying that priority is wrong. But they don’t see the value & they’re not the right people for us to help.

We have big plans for this year & I KNOW there’s so much more we can achieve. I want to work with people who have the same ambitions for their business - because I know we can help them get there & they’ll truly value our service. This is what our favourite clients all have in common. We’re on the same page.

Our AMP team means the world to me. The more profitable we become, the more we can invest in them & help them to reach their personal goals. I don’t want to work with anyone who sees their staff as robots or somehow disposable, simply there to fulfil an operational function.

I believe that real, human interaction & customer service matters. It’s about being there when your customers need you – the people who pay you their hard-earned cash – and valuing other people’s time as highly as you value your own. It’s about keeping your promises & delivering the customer experience you promised them (whether explicitly or implicitly).

I want to serve the business owners who ‘get’ that missing just one call, late on a Friday afternoon, could be game-changing. Who understand the value that one call could bring – whether a big new client or other opportunities, like joint venturing or a more competitively-priced new supplier.

Who share our mindset that, as business owners, it’s not about you & when YOU want to be contacted – but about what your prospects & clients want. That all your marketing, advertising & social media efforts are wasted if you then miss those calls coming in.

The people with the mindset that it’s tough luck? They close at 3pm – and don’t even have a voicemail greeting switched on? Not the people for us.

The people who care most about price? Again – not our people. That’s not to say we’re not affordable (just £79 p/m for your first 35 calls). But being the cheapest is NOT compatible with offering amazing service & doing a great job. That’s what matters to us – so the people who think £79 is a lot of money will be better off going elsewhere.

It’s the same for service. We’re not a call centre. Never have been, never will be. We’re a small team, working from our offices in Cardiff. We get to know our client’s callers by first name. They ask for us (thinking we work for our clients!). This is how we work & what we love, the personal connection that makes every caller feel valued. But if you prefer a bigger, more impersonal feel – which I do understand! – then again, we’re not the right ‘fit’.

Why I am telling you all this?

Well – partly because this shift in thinking has been so powerful for me lately, I thought it might be helpful to share it with you.

We’ve all heard of ‘customer avatars’ and ‘ideal clients’ before. But I’ve never been so clear that it’s not about demographics or targeting ‘companies with 1-25 staff, turning over £x to £y’ – but about mindset, values & clarity on who you really WANT to help.

And partly because you understand marketing (as I do). In reading this, you may decide to give us a shot & see the difference we can make in your business – in terms of saving you time, streamlining your customer service processes & guaranteeing your marketing efforts never go to waste when you can’t get to the phone.

If that’s the case, we’d love for you try a full month’s call answering for just £49 (I know I said it’s not about price, but we still want to give you amazing value!).

This £49 offer is ONLY available until 31st January 2019.

So for a casual chat about how it all works:

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Thanks for reading – and here’s to a business full of clients you REALLY want to help!

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