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Why do people REALLY buy from you?

Why do people REALLY buy from you?

I’m not talking the nuts-and-bolts of your product or service – but the deeper, human motivations. What are people REALLY getting, when they buy from you? 

It’s a question that’s been top of mind here lately. Because we’re having a new website built at AMP.

If you’ve ever re-done your website, I’ve pretty sure we’re not alone in dramatically underestimating the amount of time & energy it takes. 

You think ‘yeah, let’s do it!’. Pay the deposit to the web designer. And then it slowly dawns on you that it’s not that simple (to do it well, at any rate). 

Because it’s not just words and images, is it?

It’s digging deeper & working out why people REALLY buy from you. How you put this into words & show people instantly that your business is the right ‘fit’ for them. Choosing images that truly convey who you are – your values, your culture & what working with you is really like. 

Not exactly a quick fix! 

But it’s been a brilliant process to go through. Again, I’m sure we’re not alone in having an old website that doesn’t do us justice. You evolve; your business evolves & it’s tough for your website to keep up. 

So here’s what we’ve learnt – in the hope it’s useful for you, too.

People don’t buy from you for the reasons you think. 

We’re an expert call management service. We answer your calls, sounding exactly like you. We make sure you never miss a sale; get your messages fast & accurately; and that your customers always get outstanding customer service.

That’s what we ‘do’. That’s the easy bit. 

But every time you talk to your clients (or read your testimonials), you realise that what people get is SO much more than just the ‘how’ and ‘what’ of your product of service. 

Like for us: 

- You want to make more money. No point doing all that marketing & then not having anyone there to answer the phone (or sell effectively), when the calls come in.

- You want to help more people. You have a billion ideas but there’s not enough time in the day. Less time stuck on the phone = more time to do the important stuff, grow your business and help & serve more people. 

- You want life to be easier. We lower your blood pressure! It’s bloomin’ tough growing a business – and not having to answer all your own calls (especially the sales & spam calls) is one less stress to deal with.

I think you get the point here! 

And I just think it’s SO easy to never dig deeper on this stuff, when you’re tied up in your business all day long.

The real reasons people buy…

So why do people REALLY buy from you? No matter what your product or service is - what are you really selling?

- Do you give them peace of mind? A feeling of security?

- More income?

- More free time, to do the things they enjoy in life?

- A way to impress people? A feeling of being important?

- Health? Staying fit & well?

- Better relationships? With their family, friends or employees?

- A sense of achievement? Making progress towards their goals?

- Maybe you just make things easy? More convenient?

When I think of anything I ever buy - from a new phone to IT support or ready-cooked chicken - there’s always one or more of these deeper reasons at play.

I’m sure it’s the same in your business? 

The truth is that these are things we ALL want in life. Even if you’re B2B (like we are), you’re still selling to people. Not businesses. 

When I dug deeper, I found pretty much all of this list above are true for us. 

Peace of mind you’re never missing £££ sales. More income from those calls + referrals & up-sells. Freeing up more time in your day, to do what you actually enjoy. Impressing people when your team seems bigger than it is (and with amazing service). Better relationships when you’re not so stressed out. All in all, a much easier life than trying to do everything yourself.

And as business owners, when we can tap into these deeper motivations & communicate the REAL reasons people buy more effectively, it can only be a good thing. Right?

Anyway, not what I expecting to take away from re-doing our website! But major food for thought for me (which is why I thought I’d share it with you).

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Right – back to the new website (wish me luck!).



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