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Why don't people leave a message?

Call Answering for Small Business

We all know it – people just aren’t leaving voicemails any more.

A study by Forbes magazine confirmed it. Their statistics showed that 80% of callers who get your voicemail won’t leave a message.


Well, probably because they don’t even think it’ll be heard.

And it’s important. Because if we’re missing calls from our customers (or potential customers), that’s a lot of money we’re leaving on the table…

Anthony’s story shows exactly this:

When I am out of the office, we’ve relied on customers & suppliers leaving messages on our answering machine. After a single day it normally registers 10 missed calls, but only 3 messages left…

I can’t believe the difference Answer My Phone have made… I asked one new customer what they thought of the service & asked if they would have left a message otherwise. They said they would not have left a message, but because of they have placed an order worth £8,500 which is the largest single private order we have taken in 20 years of trading!

- Anthony Bollard, Sovereign Steel Services

And when you think about it from a customer’s point of view, it makes sense.

Like last week, when I tried to book a haircut. I’m pushed for time (as always!) and wanted an early appointment, on a specific day.

I pulled up the salons near me on Google & started to ring around.

The first two went to voicemail. It was a Monday, so perhaps they were closed (as lots of hairdressers seem to be on a Monday!).

I didn’t leave a message.

The third answered quickly but were fully booked. Fine.

Fourth time lucky, and the salon answered; checked the diary; and booked me in for 9am. They got my money in their till (and a very good hair cut it was, too).

Just like Anthony - the company that answered their phone, got the business.

But it made me question – WHY don’t people leave messages any more?

• People want instant gratification.

When someone calls your business, they want what you offer. And they want it NOW.

The concept of voicemail seems to feel more & more outdated in today’s world, where people are more & more likely to turn to social media channels instead.

As a caller, leaving a message requires further action. You have to wait for some random call, at some undefined point in the future, which will interrupt whatever you’re doing at that point.

I wanted my haircut done, sorted & booked.

And for all of us business owners, it’s the same for our customers.

If customers get our voicemail – instead of the solution they want – the chances are they’ll just keep scrolling & dialling, until it’s sorted.

So the simplest way to ensure WE get that sale into our business, is to make sure our phones are being answered!

• People don’t think you’ll listen to their voicemail anyway.

According to Nuance Communication’s research, most answer phone messages sit there for at least 8 hours before they’re heard.

And the number of voicemails being listened to at all is going down, year on year.

Now - this research was from 2014. I’ve struggled to find more up-to-date statistics.

And it’s consumer voicemail they’re looking at, rather than business voicemail (I’m sure most of us in business are quicker off the mark than that!).

But it makes sense that – if the average person takes 8 hours to hear a message, if at all – then they THINK it will take businesses 8 hours, too.

And who has time to wait for that?!

Of course – some people will still leave a message (as Anthony’s 3 out of 10 proves!).

Whatever the reasons, the truth is that we are ALL missing out on sales & the chance to grow our business if our phones go to voicemail.

We can help.

When you can’t get the phone – whether you’re out with clients; on another call or tied up elsewhere – we can speak to those callers for you.

We can you secure the sales & handle the leads that you’d otherwise lose, if they went to voicemail.

I cannot believe the difference Answer My Phone have made…every customer call is answered professionally & is either transferred to my mobile, or a thoroughly detailed message is taken & emailed straight to my phone. They also screen out a great deal of nuisance sales calls so that I don’t have to deal with them anymore.

"Anyone who has a business & wants to maximise enquiries and have a more professional profile will be more than happy with the service provided by"

- Anthony Bollard, Sovereign Steel Services

Take your 2-Week Free Trial now.

It’s a great way to see exactly how many calls your missing (how many voicemails aren’t being left!) – and to thoroughly test it all out for yourself.

And if we’re not right for you after 2 weeks, we just say farewell! There’s no strings at all, and it’s simple to get started.

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