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Why it’s your client’s PERCEPTION that pays…

I had THE most disappointing sandwich the other day.

There’s a little place not too far from AMP HQ, that markets itself as a lunchtime deli / café. A ‘nice’ place, with a pastel-coloured sign promising locally-sourced, organic food (you know the sort!).

I’ve been meaning to stop for ages. So on my way back from a successful meeting the other day, I finally did.

It was exactly as you’d expect (stripped wood floors, roasting coffee beans in the air) – but I couldn’t see any sign of the promised sandwiches.

The girl at the counter pointed me to a chiller at the back.

There they were. A sad little stack of sandwiches, wrapped in clingfilm.

They looked EXACTLY like the kind of thing you’d throw together, as you dash out the door for work.

And these beauties could be yours for the bargain price of £3.95.


The bread could be lovingly kneaded by the local bakery (although I suspect it was Mr. Warburton’s finest).

The butter could be churned by a Cornish dairy.

The cheese could be carefully-sourced from a local farmer & his ethically-reared cows.

The pickle could be organic, hand-made by a local artisan maker.

This may well have been the case, judging by the way they position themselves.

BUT there was no sign of it in that chiller. Just cold, cling-filmed bread & cheese.

The sandwich tasted as disappointing as it looked.

Would it have tasted better if it was sitting proudly on their shelves, in a snug cardboard jacket? With a little sticker, reinforcing their marketing message? If there was ANY indication that it had been prepared with any care or thought?

Instead of feeling disappointed, would I have paid MORE if I perceived the very same sandwich had been worth it?

Of course!

(I do know we’re talking about a 3-quid sandwich, by the way).

But it really made think. Because it’s true in ALL of our businesses.

The amount of value a client or customer gets – and crucially, the amount they’re prepared to pay - all depends on their perception of your sandwich business.

How they SEE your product; your service & their overall experience is what really matters.

Because if they perceive your product or service as being more valuable, you'll not only sell more - but you can charge more, too. It really is win-win.

And as sandwich-gate proves, it’s SO easy to get this stuff wrong.

It’s something we’ll be working on, over the next few weeks here at Answer My Phone.

- What are we doing routinely, that our clients would perceive as valuable if we took more time to tell them (like the referrals we generate for them?) 

- Every time a client comes into contact with us – are we making the value of our service crystal-clear? 

- What more could we do, to position our service as being more valuable than ever? (Because there’s ALWAYS more we can do!).

And let’s be honest – the way your incoming calls are handled has a BIG part to play (I know, I would say that – but it’s 100% true).

If your clients perceive they’re a valued customer, because their call is ALWAYS answered within 3 rings - with care, professionalism & delivering the results they need – it goes a long way.

They perceive that your business is on it. What a great team you have. What amazing service you deliver.

If their call goes to voicemail; doesn’t get answered; the message gets lost & they never hear back; your receptionist is doing 12 other tasks & they know they’ve not got his or her full attention?

Not so much.

If it’s something you’d like to find out more about, give me a shout on 02920 695999 or email now.

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