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Why working all hours does NOT mean better results…

I was out ‘networking’ this week.

If I’m honest, it’s not something I look forward to.

Not because I don’t like meeting people – but because SO often, networking just seems to be a room full of people trying to sell.

And being sold to is both annoying & dull (no matter how much you love to buy!)

I joined a group of business owners, standing chatting by the door.

One chap I recognised but didn’t really know. He looked stressed & worried (you know that slightly haunted look business owners get, when the long days & constant stress start to take their toll?).

And as we started talking, he was brilliantly honest.

He’d been working 12-16 hours days, every day, in his IT business. Some days he ached all over & could barely get out of bed. Yet on those days, he still pushed himself on & forced himself to work.

He was physically & emotionally exhausted.

He said he hadn’t taken a holiday in over 5 years. I didn’t pry into his personal life. But he wasn’t seeing the rewards for the hours he was putting in – and I got the impression it was really taking its toll at home.

And it’s a horrible, horrible place to be.

Now – I am no business ‘guru’ or psychology expert.

But I AM someone who has worked with hundreds (if not thousands – must add it up!) of small businesses over the last decade.

And I know for certain that no matter WHAT you do, driving yourself to work all hours does NOT mean better results.

We all need the head space and the energy to have good entrepreneurial ideas & grow our businesses.

It’s even harder to find solutions if you’re in the business 24/7.

And NONE of us needs to add guilt to that huge pile of stuff we’re already carrying around!

I know it’s easier said than done. And that when you’re in that dark place with your business, it’s hard to see the woods for the trees (speaking from painful experience here).

But getting people to help you by outsourcing really CAN make all the difference.

All those tasks that suck away your time, that someone else can do for £10-£15 an hour. Either by bringing someone in to your business to help or by outsourcing (when you start looking, there is SO much you can get other people to do).

And it’s easier than ever, with resources like:

People Per Hour & Upwork (where you can hire inexpensive freelancers for just about anything you can think of!)

Fiverr (great for design work)

- Virtual Assistants (like a traditional PA, you can now find VA’s with real specialisms – like Tech, Social Media or sector-specific skills)

- And (of course) Virtual Receptionists & Call Answering services.

It’s one of things I LOVE about Answer My Phone – knowing that we take another weight off the shoulders of busy business owners!

And it’s pretty simple. You divert your calls to us. We answer them, sounding exactly like you. We email or text your messages over, so you can deal with them all at once, instead of being interrupted all day long.

Your customers the BEST service. You never miss a valuable lead. AND if you add up all the time you spent on the phone last month, we can give you a LOT of time back.

It’s super affordable, with prices from just £79 per month (+VAT).

Click here to find out exactly how it all works!

No matter how complex your business is (or not!), we really CAN help to make things a little easier for you - serving your callers, and giving your those precious hours back. We really can take some of the pressure off for you.

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