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Why your marketing can’t stop, just because they buy…

I’ve been a member of the Entrepreneur’s Circle for several years now (if you’ve never heard of them, they provide training & support to help you grow your business. In a nutshell!).

And recently, they announced it’s all changing.

Next year, there’s going to be more – more ‘celebrity’ events, more training & more to help you get more stuff done.

Of course, this comes at a cost. It’s not insignificant – we were looking at around £1500 for the year.

It’s a chunk of cash. And I very nearly left.

But then I started thinking…

I’ve got SO much from my membership over the years. Not just the learning we’ve implemented to grow our business, but I’ve made friends. Great friends! We’ve built relationships; found new clients who are the perfect ‘fit’ for us. And it’s helped me to think differently about our business, getting super-clear on our goals & what we want. I’ve been inspired.

Is it worth losing access to all of that, for the sake of £1500?


So I dug out my bank card for another 12 month’s membership.

It’s that fat old cliché – you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.

But for us business owners, I think it’s true for SO many of our customers. Lethargy & complacency are dangerous things.

We assume people will keep buying from us – using our product or service – because they are at the moment. When in truth, it really pays to KEEP reminding them of the benefits working with us, BEFORE they think about leaving.

And it’s something we need to do a lot more work on, here at AMP. Because we want our clients to stay.

So I started looking back through our client testimonials:

“Simply put, it provides you with a really good secretary without the salary commitment”

“I cannot believe the difference it has made…every call is answered professionally & either transferred to my mobile, or a thoroughly detailed message is taken & emailed straight to my phone”

“If I can't get to the phone or I need a holiday from the stresses of work, I know I never miss an opportunity to grow my business”

“They don't just answer my calls but qualify the caller - taking out the 'spam' factor we’re getting used to these days”

“What makes these guys stand out is their knowledge of my business and the way it’s applied. They answer my calls professionally but also establish the nature of the call and respond to it accordingly - adding value through understanding”

“They add significant value by canvassing business for you whilst going about their daily routine. This has resulted in 4 referrals today!”

These are all real words, from our customers.

These are all the things our clients TELL us they value about our service.

But do we ever remind them of this? And what else we can do for them? Not properly (not in any systemised way, anyway!).

For so many of us (us included!), the marketing stops when somebody buys. When really, we need it to continue throughout our client’s time with us (albeit in a very different way), to retain each customer for as long as possible.

How? Well, I think it’s about creating a sense of community & belonging within all of our businesses. Simple things, like:

- Using email, your blog & social media to share the successes of your clients & customers; 
- Telling the stories of HOW your product or service is impacting on the lives of the people you serve; 
- All to keep reminding your clients of the true value they’re getting from working with YOU.

And like us, looking back through your testimonials & reviews is a great place to start. Who would happy to become a case study for you? Where are the great stories hidden, that you can dig out to share?

Anyway – it’s been real food for thought for me this week! And we have a LOT of work to do.

Of course, it all takes time. And that’s never easy to find, with everything we have to get done in our businesses.

So if we can help free up YOUR time – by handling your incoming calls – then do give me a shout. It really is a super cost-effective way to find more hours in your day.

instead of being interrupted by the phone all day long, we’ll send over your messages fast & accurately (by text or email) - so you can slot them into your day at a time that’s convenient for YOU to return their calls. Your callers will never know they’re NOT speaking to your in-house team! 

To find out more & take a 2-Week FREE Trial, just call now on 02920 695999 or email me personally –

Right – I’m off to work some more on our ‘client journey’!

Until next time

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