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Will Telephone Answering Services tie me into a lengthy contract?

In a word – no!

Or at least, here at Answer My Phone, we NEVER tie you into a long contract.

Because we just don’t see the point.

We’ve all been there – bought something for our business, because we need it NOW. Like a franking machine. Or a new piece of accounting software.

And then things change.

You start using Docusign – so all of a sudden, you’re not posting out dozens of contracts. Or your business grows & you hire a bookkeeper, only to find the accounting software isn’t up to the job.

But you can’t get out. Because hidden in the T&Cs is that pesky clause, tying you in for 12 months (or worse – years on end!).

It’s SO frustrating.

The thing that was supposed to HELP your business becomes a major cost - with none of the benefits.

And then it all goes swiftly downhill. If you’re forced into working together, because one party can’t leave, it all goes sour remarkably fast.

Call answering should NEVER be one of those things!

Our businesses are constantly changing. None of us knows what’s around the corner.

And that’s why at Answer My Phone, we keep things 100% flexible for you.

Our contracts work on a rolling 30-day basis. It gives us time to schedule the next month’s work for you, and to tie up all the loose ends if you do want to move away from working together.

But that’s it.

It’s just 30 days.

And that’s the way we believe it should be!

By keeping things flexible for you, we can adapt to your changing business needs, too:

- Getting busier? Out with clients more & more? We can answer ALL of your calls, for you all of the time – so you never have to worry about getting to the phone;

- Taken on your first employee? Or expanding your team? No problem! We can take your overflow calls, when they’re on the phone or it goes unanswered;

- Short-staffed? Going on holiday? Away at a trade fair? Don’t panic! Use us a temporary cover, just when you need it.

It all means that whatever happens:

- You get absolute peace of mind that your calls are being handled EXACTLY as you want;

- You NEVER miss valuable calls or potential new business, that could be worth £££ in sales;

- You get your messages fast + accurately;

- Your customers feel confident they’re speaking with your company, and being served brilliantly;

- And you can focus on the important stuff – like serving clients, writing proposals, closing sales & getting more marketing done – without the constant distraction of the phone ringing. All to help grow your business!

And as your business grows, we work together, to meet your changing needs:

“Over the last 13 years, we can thank Answer My Phone for a lot of our growth…they enabled us to be out on site, while our customers got to speak to somebody who they believed were part of our team. Answer My Phone have become part of our team. We couldn’t have done it without them!”
- Billy Tilley, Distinct IT

(Click here to watch more testimonials on our website!)

The same goes for your 2-Week Free Trial.

It’s genuinely 100%, no-strings-attached FREE, for 2 whole weeks. It’s the best way to test us out.

And if the day comes that we’re not right for you – whether after your free trial or at ANY point - we’ll be very sad to say farewell.

But you’ll be 100% free to leave, with no lengthy contract tying you in!

Until next time


p.s To find out more about our 2-Week Free Trial, just click here, email me personally at or call our Cardiff HQ on 02920 695999. Speak soon!

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