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Your 2019 Goals. Can WE help you succeed?

Your 2019 Goals - how Call Answering can help your succeed!

There’s something about this time of year that always get me excited about planning next year’s goals.

(Maybe it’s just the promise of sunshine & holidays, as the nights draw in!)

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned over my decades in business, it’s that getting what you want does NOT happen by accident.

It just doesn’t.

There’s such power in designing your year. Mapping out exactly what you want – from big holidays to tiny things – and then planning a way to make them happen.

It helps me to get crystal clear on the action I need to take, day by day, to make the end results happen. The marketing I need to do, right now, to attract more of the right people to take our free trial. The new services I need to plan, right now, to serve our clients better & better.

And gradually, you close the gap from where you are today, to where you want to be.

The endless possibilities are (for me, at least) exciting.

But I know I can’t do it alone.

We’re very lucky to have a brilliant team here at AMP, headed up by Tanya in our offices. I know that to take our business to where we want it to be – and to make more of the
important stuff happen - we need to surround ourselves with the right people, to drive us forwards.

So – here are a few ways we could help YOU smash your 2019 goals (that you might not have thought about before!).

1. You need more time, to take the action to reach your goals.

I’ve talked on our blog before, about ringfencing time to focus on the important stuff. The marketing, strategic planning & day-to-day actions that properly move you towards your goals.

In other words – making dedicated time, every day, for the MOST important tasks (like launching that new product or service, to hit your revenue targets).

And it’s tough! It’s tough to make this time, when there’s a whole ton of stuff to be done in your business (especially on the operational side). I used to get SO caught up in doing the everyday work, there just never seemed enough time.

It was the crucial, important-but-not-urgent stuff that wouldn’t get done. That’s usually the stuff that’s easiest to put off (like designing & launching a new marketing campaign) – but ironically, the action that’s most important to reach our goals.

And it’s even tougher if you work alone (someone’s got to answer the phone, right?).

Well – even you’ve never heard or thought of call answering before, it really is a fab solution…

• Divert your calls to us. We answer them, using your chosen greeting, sounding exactly like you.

• We serve your callers exactly like you would – recording all your core business info in our centralised system. So everything is at our fingertips to help, as it would be in your business.

• You get your messages – fast & accurately. So you can deal with everything at a time that works for you (and not when people decide to call & interrupt your day!).

You can choose to divert all your calls to us, all of the time – OR just when you need it.

But it buys you (and your staff!) time. Uninterrupted, focused time – that you can spend working on the high-value, revenue-generating stuff, to bring your goals closer & closer.

2. You need more staff, to serve more clients + grow your turnover…

…but it’s a question of cashflow.

Sound familiar?

We can help create REAL capacity for you, to serve more clients & grow your business – in a massively cost-effective way.

Employing people is an expensive old game. Not just their salary + NICs (the tip of the iceberg!), but all the cost & time of recruiting, training & managing them; getting them set up with all the equipment they need; the payroll & HR costs etc etc etc.

Again, you might not have ever thought (or believed!) that call answering can help here:

• We become your virtual receptionist, just as if we worked for you in-house - handling your calls, answering customer queries & booking appointments.

• It’s completely bespoke to you. We get to know you; your business; your clients & your suppliers. Your callers never even realise they’re not speaking with your in-house team!

• And – as our team are all massively sales trained – we never miss an opportunity to upsell, cross-sell & drive referrals for you.

And - of course – it’s a fraction of the investment of employing someone.

There’s NO set-up fee to pay. Our packages start from just £79 per month (+ VAT). Our average clients spend £121 per month (+ VAT) with us (see what I mean?!).

If you have a receptionist at the moment – we can save you that salary overhead, for you to then divert into other core staff. People who can drive sales & bring in revenue for you!

If whoever is there in your team answers the phone – our time is far less expensive than theirs! They can get on with their own higher-value, revenue-generating tasks, without being sucked into unproductive calls too.

And it goes without saying that if you answer the phone yourself, it frees up that valuable time (and head space) for you.

3. You just want more sales!

I’ve mentioned it briefly already – but we’re all sales trained. Properly, fully sales trained (unlike most receptionists or call answering companies!).

Anthony says it better than me (click here to watch what he says!):

"We took a 2-Week Free Trial & within the first few days, Answer My Phone secured one of our biggest clients to date.

"If we didn't have Answer My Phone in place, there's no doubt in my mind that we wouldn't have won that customer.

"I'd recommend Answer My Phone to absolutely anybody - even if you think your business is already handling phone calls properly & really well. You'll be surprised how many you miss!"

- Anthony Crowdie, West Wales Systems

So when leads come in; a prospect calls or there’s an opportunity to upsell or cross-sell – we never let it slip through your fingers. Because who can afford to let that happen?!


A huge part of the enjoyment I get from our business, is sharing in our client’s wins. Celebrating when those new clients come in; as their businesses grow & they smash their goals.

We’d love to do the same for you.

To find out more about taking your 2-Week FREE Trial – or for a chat about how it would all work in your business:

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Here’s to making 2019 your best year ever!


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